• Turning a router into a repeater

    Go to the settings of the old router, as shown earlier, and open the wireless settings there. Give the device a new IP address – like your main router, but with a different number at the end. We turn the router into a repeater to amplify the signal Set a name and password for the […]

  • How to boost your Wi-Fi signal with an old router

    How to boost your Wi-Fi signal with an old router There are a few tricks to improve Wi-Fi in hard-to-reach places. One of the most effective is to purchase a wireless network expander, or, as it is also called, a repeater. But this is an additional expense, and it may not be particularly effective if […]

  • Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

    According to the data, wireless networks in homes and offices are often misconfigured or interfere with other electronics, such as baby monitors or microwave ovens. Therefore, we have prepared for you TOP 7 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Buy a new routerRouters that providers provide along with Internet packages are usually of fairly decent […]

  • Windows optimization and acceleration

    Use a Solid State Drive (SSD)By installing Windows 7 on a solid-state hard drive instead of a regular Serial ATA or IDE drive, you’ll be amazed at the dramatic increase in performance of your computer. Update BIOS and driversMake sure your computer has the latest device drivers and the latest BIOS. The latest drivers and […]

  • Top 4 Ways to Speed ​​Up Windows

    1) Removing unnecessary programs from startup During the computer boot process, all installed programs that are in the startup section of the system are automatically downloaded and launched. They do not interfere with you to a greater extent, but they “devour” some of the resources of the PC’s RAM, which contributes to the slowdown of […]

  • Why content issues significantly more in the present retail environment

    Clients have for a long while been itching to “see” the item. They have depended on photographs in print and TV advertisements to get a first look to decide if they are intrigued. With the developing relocation on the web, clients not just expect various item photographs, they are likewise expecting significantly wealthier and top […]