Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

According to the data, wireless networks in homes and offices are often misconfigured or interfere with other electronics, such as baby monitors or microwave ovens.

Therefore, we have prepared for you TOP 7 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

  1. Buy a new router
    Routers that providers provide along with Internet packages are usually of fairly decent quality.

But if you want really fast Wi-Fi at home, why not ask for a new router for Christmas?

The latest devices allow you to increase the transmission speed and reliability of Internet signal reception.

  1. Reposition your router
    This may seem obvious to some, but the higher the better.

Therefore, install your router as high as possible – on the top floor of your house, on top of the furniture and closer to the middle of the house. And never put it on the floor if you want a decent signal.

  1. Change the channel in the router settings
    This method requires a technical approach, but most routers now have two frequencies (refer to the user manual for more information).

Basically, most routers operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency, as do many household appliances: microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth, video surveillance systems, and cordless phones.

If you change the frequency to 5 GHz, there will be fewer obstacles and a stronger signal. Your neighbor will probably be using the 2.4 GHz frequency, so there will be one less hurdle.

  1. Minimize interference
    There are many things that can affect your Wi-Fi signal, which is why Ofcom mentions fairy garland lights.

However, any electrical cable can have negative consequences if it is in the signal path – as well as metal doors, aluminum rivets, insulated walls, water (aquariums, etc.), mirrors, halogen lamps, cabinets, bricks, glass and concrete.

  1. Update the software
    Wi-Fi routers do not just need to be updated, but necessary.

a computer
The software is constantly being improved, and the latest smartphones and laptops will obviously connect faster to Wi-Fi with a stronger signal.

  1. Think about repeaters
    Repeaters improve the existing signal. Old routers can be used for this, but some technical skills are required.

The simplest thing is to buy a repeater. Also, if you have an old router with antennas, you can buy new antennas.

  1. Share with neighbors?
    If you live in an apartment building and get along well with your neighbors, you could buy a new router together.

Thus, your neighbor on the top floor (see point two) can place a router at his place and distribute Wi-Fi to other apartments, the owners of which would share the costs among themselves.

You can also use your phone or laptop as a hotspot or get MiFi.

If someone in the house is using a significant amount of bandwidth (such as an avid gamer or video streamer), you can also use Quality of Service to prioritize getting the best Wi-Fi signal.